February 21, 2018 tsbadmin

Digital Transformation, Innovation & Trend in Data Management Summit and Exhibition


We are pleased to invite you to the “Digital Transformation, Innovation & Trends in Data Management Summit and Exhibition” scheduled from October 18th -19th, 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Some Information about this summit​

The unprecedented rise in volume and variety of business data in the recent years has necessitated better Data Management practices across all business sectors. Data Management trends in 2018 will continue to revolve around Data Governance, which ensures enhanced Data Quality leading to improved decision making. As streaming data continues to flow from diverse data channels, Enterprise Data Governance teams are gearing up to examine and evaluate their internal frameworks and Data Architectures to ensure better Data Management.

The goal is to bring the data management community together to discuss key challenges such as data quality, data management and governance, data lineage, data innovation & data science, data architecture, regulations: data analytics, emerging technologies: AI, machine learning, alternative data and analytics

Key Practical Learning Points

  • Developing the modern data base
  • Making data work for your organization
  • Large-scale deep learning neural networks
  • How to combine modern visualization with natural language to generate new insights
  • Big data: handling – saving costs and time
  • Modernizing data warehouse and analytic ecosystem
  • Machine learning for trade anomaly detection
  • How lean can your data be?
  • Solving complex data integration challenges
  • GDPR and big data: marriage in heaven or hell?

Event Materials

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